Last workstation you switch to

This is a virtual desktop that can have multiple screen based on the workstations or application windows on your machine around you in a virtual environment.

Setup Instructions

  • Install the chrome addon
  • Browse the url shown on the addon from the phone
  • Setup your work station (optional)
  • Work :)

Required Hardware

  • Chrome browser - Firefox support is on the way
  • Google cardboard or similar device


  • Switching between workstations / screens is just turning the head around.
  • All screens are Virtual --> Private (Only you can see them)
  • Environmental distractions are minimum. You wont see any of them.
  • Cost Effective and scalable. Only cost to an additional screen is the limit of your view port.
  • Your customized workstation is unified everywhere. Whether you work in your office or home or even a train station. All the screens will be there as it is.
  • Working environment is fully customizable. You can work in the middle of a galaxy or in a river bank while you are physically at a coffee shop.
  • Screen scaling and positioning is one click away. No need to manually setup your perfect workstation with screens aligned together. (And no borders on the screen as well)

Use case 1:

If you are a sports fan you can stream the matches in a side while you work on you are writing your boring essay. Its like you have a tv by your side.

Use case 2:

Monitor multiple screen at once. If you are a system admin you do not have to have multiple screens to look at all of stats at once.

Use case 3:

Chat while watching your favorite movie together.

Use case 4:

Code while looking at the sunset even though you are in a train station or a cofee shop. Place doen't matter as you are in your virtual world.

Use case 5:

You will no longer get lost in your multiple screens and different applications. You can just turn your head around and check your all screens and workstations.

Inspired By

When people are working on multiple workstations or in multiple screens, they would like to have multiple desktops to make their life easier. But effording a physical monitor is costly and need some manual effort to set it up and get working. We decided to give a solution to this using google cardboard while giving the user virtual reality experiance. Our product is much easier to install, use and cost effective.


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